What is Astro Coaching?

Why Astro Coaching?

What is Astro Coaching?

Astrology – Tool of Self Discovery

Astrology is a great tool for self discovery and personal growth.

If you

  • know yourself already quite well and yet feel blocked in some areas,
  • want to take a real deep look at yourself,
  • are looking for new insights on your way to fulfilment,
  • wish to resolve recurring conflicts with a person or a situation,
  • are curious about Astrology and
  • are motivated to grow even more,

then Astro Coaching is for you.

Astrology plus Coaching

Astro Coaching is a powerful mixture of Astrology and Coaching.

While many astrologers offer some sort of counselling, not many professional coaches make use of astrological insights.

Working with me means you will get the best of two worlds:

  • The analytical, detached perspective of astrology
  • Empathic, non-judgemental and professional coaching

I am a wanderer between worlds and have dived deep into both. Apart from being an ardent astrology lover I am a fully trained Gestalt Therapist, Coach and Counsellor.

Try it. You will be hooked.

Explore – Understand – Integrate

While astrology gives us the means to understand much quicker who you are as a person and where your struggles might stem from, coaching will empower you to move towards your goals.

Take the Step

Step into the adventure. Discover your inner sky.

Your soul is calling.