What you´ll get

When you choose to work with me, you will get the best of two worlds:

  • The objective, detached perspective of astrology
  • Empathic, non-judgemental and professional coaching

In my astrological work I follow an evolutionary approach, even though I am always open to adapt insights from other schools.

Evolutionary astrology helps you determine your soul’s desire.

My background as a Gestalt Coach makes my work dialogic, creative, open-minded and experimental. Gestalt is a humanistic method with a strong focus on mindfulness and influences from Zen Buddhism.

Gestalt helps you experiment with new experiences and bring ideas into form.

Besides, I have a deep sympathy for Carl Jung´s work on archetypes.

Even though he did not call it Astro Coaching, he was one of the first to combine astrology and psychology when seeing clients.

How I work

As an empath and energy healer, I am able to tune into your energy and that of your chart easily, which usually gives me a clear first impression.

We will then discuss your chart(s) in depth and I will give you detailed explanations. I know how confusing and intimidating astrology can be, so I will do my best to break down your message into small, digestable bits and everyday language.

The reading will shine a light on your inner dynamic, resources and possible difficulties and/or the dynamic with another person. Once we have identified your most pressing issue(s) we can work on them in the coaching.

If you have specific questions, we will work on these.

Otherwise we might explore questions like:

  1. How do you manage to create your problem?
  2. In what way do you contribute to the situation?
  3. Where are blocks you might want to look at?
  4. What can you do to influence the situation to your favour?
  5. Which resources do you have?

More on my background

Even though I am not certified in the following areas, I have also done extended studies and self-healing on trauma, toxic shame and holistic body work.

This makes me respectful towards vulnerabilities you might have and even allows me to resonate with you on a physical level. In fact, I will probably retrieve a good portion of information through my body resonance alone.

As I am aware of the impact vulnerabilities can have, I am paying attention to creating a safe and confidential space. For that reason, it is possible to do a single reading/session and leave it at that, however it might be more beneficial to work through an issue over several sessions.

What is needed for a successful session?

You do not need to know anything about astrology. All you should bring is an open mind.

For accurate readings it is crucial to have a precise birthday, birth time and place of birth. This is particularly true for relationship readings.

Is the birth time unknown or you only know the approximate time of day there are still significant things we can deduce from a chart.

However, some information like the ascendant (rising sign) or the exact position of the moon will not be available. Equally, commonly used house systems (like Placidus) cannot be applied or only used in a more generic way.