My way of digesting astrology is always a personal one. And boy, has Lilith been speaking to me! On September 5th 2021 she will conjoin the north node. As as I am watching her energy build up in my personal life, I expect major culminations to happen worldwide.

Let´s remember: Lilith is said to be Adam´s first wife who – depending on the perspective – was either chased from Paradise or left voluntarily and in pride.

Lilith, also called the dark moon, is our female shadow side. Our hidden strength as well as our hidden wounds. Shame. Abuse. Rape. Narcissism. I associate Lilith strongly with the scorpionic vibe: highly sexual, potentially threatening and dangerous, sensual, power hungry or just powerful.

As I have mentioned in my earlier article on Lilith I suddenly realised she is also the snake in Garden Eden. She is willing to disrupt the sweet and conflict free harmony and points us towards our desires. She is able to seduce and feign. She is able to manipulate as well as speak the truth.

Terrifying Lilith

Lilith can feel terrifying – both in her anger and her power and pride. Whoever has watched the scene in “The Lord of the Rings” where Galadriel transforms from her usual beautiful self into this terrible, frightening larger-than-life-being will probably not forget it. This is Lilith power at its core. “You better not mess with me” is her Mantra.

I have encountered my personal Lilith last week and her truly frightening rage. She is able to kill when not respected, and in that she resembles her male counterpart, the warrior Mars. She is a fearless and proud Amazon, a force to be reckoned.

Lilith in freeze

However, this Lilith has long ago collapsed into freeze within most of us – due to thousands of years of humiliation, threat, attack and defamation. And fear is real for her, too. The female is under a big attack at the moment.

What I currently find so striking is the explosiveness I can feel, not only in myself but in many, many women.

I also see Lilith as Mother Earth. Gaia embodies all female archetypes, just like Ceres the nurturer or Vesta the holy flame. But I don´t think it is a coincidence that when the waters flooded Germany and large others parts of Europe (and the world) someone wrote about the firing rage of the elemental beings rising.

Culmination point

In a few days time, Lilith will bring her build up (that for me started on Dec 21 with the Jupiter-Saturn “Christmas Star” constellation) to a culmination when she finally reaches the North node on the 5th of September.

What does the North node represent? The North node is one of two calculated points in the sky where the eclipses happen. And while the South node represents our past and all our accumulated knowledge and experience, the North node is the one that stretches us out of our comfort zone into our best self.

The north node is the point of our destiny. This is where we are meant to go.

Conjunctions with the nodes have proven fateful, challenging and life changing many times, both for myself and for others. So if Lilith conjunct the north node in itself is already a bold statement that asks us to rise above our wounds and reclaim our power, there is more to this day.

Juno Conjunct South Node

Juno is still in the grip of the south node (even though fading) and has been so for the last month. I definitely have felt it, and I know from others who have, too. And while I usually love Juno for her committed, loyal soul connection quality, Juno on the south node is a true pest.

Over the last month, the south node tried to pull us all back into our worst relationship patterns we thought we had overcome long ago. So while Lilith meets our destiny point, this backward force will still be active and will demand all our willpower to move out of its debilitating grip.

Truly remarkable is also what is going on with Pluto and Jupiter on that day. They will both aspect Venus (love) in conjunction with Vesta, our innermost fire.

While Jupiter will amplify and expand our heart directed, loving energy springing directly from our innermost knowing, Pluto will challenge all this with a harsh square. Again, it will be the Capricorn energy that he resides in that will possibly challenge and break down our capacity to love. However, Pluto never stops at the destruction. He is the phoenix that will rise even more beautifully from the ashes once he has burnt everything down.

Triggers Right Under Our Nose

Given the fact that Lilith and the North node meet in Gemini (the sign of details, exact information and our close environment), we can expect this culmination point to be triggered right under our nose. Through our neighbour, our husband (or wife), our kids. With Gemini, think local.

If we manage to channel these triggers, this rage and this deep longing for change into our voice (Mercury), then Saturn (structure and order) will support us in finding better solutions.

This day will probably not be the day for solutions. It will be most probably a gigantic, collective cry. However, we will be urged to feel (Moon in a Yod/Finger of God with Neptune and Pluto) what we are dreaming of, where our illusions lie and how we want to transform our lives.

Women –Rise!

I have held my ear close to the ground, and the women in my close circle are reaching out to each other. They are rising. I have encountered my own roaring lioness, and as I was saying to someone today: “You better not mess with me.”

Women – this is our time. Let us acknowledge our shared trauma, rage and grief and let us reach out lovingly. We are both ugly and beautiful, fearful and courageous, weak and strong. Let us remember our tradition of supporting each other.

The World Needs Us

The world needs us. Gaia needs us. And the men need us, too. (Yes I know, they don´t like to admit it).

Our scream will be a painful one. One that will be heard around the globe and up to the stars. But one that needs to be heard, urgently.

Let´s do this. Enough is enough.

Raise your voice. Reclaim your power.

This is our time.