Sun-Juno conjunction

Sun-Juno conjunction

Sun – Juno: Soul Connections Fully Illuminated

We all have our favourites, don’t we? For me, one of those favourites in Astrology is Juno.

Juno is said to be the wife of Jupiter (the planet of luck and expansion). While some say she can sometimes behave like a jealous and posessive wive I’ve mainly found Juno to be an amazing, heart softening and mind-blowing influence in our chart.

Goddess of the Goddesses

Juno is a large Asteroid, orbiting between Mars (male energy) and Jupiter (expansion), and is being associated with deep commitment and loyalty.

However, I found that Juno also gives a deeply spiritual flavour to connections.

You can find tight Juno bonds with family, best friends (that seem to float alongside you for a lifetime even if you don’t see them regularly) and – soul partners.

For a long time, I’ve identified as being part of the Twin Flame paradigm shift, and while I feel I’ve outgrown this label, I did make many astonishing discoveries along the way.

During the last few years, my own journey allowed me to connect with many amazing people who felt they had a deeper soul connection (soul mate, soul partner, “karmic partner” …) with another person, and I just loved looking at their charts and learning how the universe has set them up against (or with) each other.

There are distinct repeating patterns, and Sun-Juno is definitely a part of it.

I’ve Met you Before”

Juno connections create this deep sense of “I know you” or even “I’ve met you before”. And while I’m a bit late to the party (because the conjunction is actually over), we just witnessed a prolonged hangout of Juno with the big illuminator, our Sun.

To me, it was even more interesting because the initial conjunction started at 28/29° Gemini, the sign of the Twins. And 28/29° means that it happened at the last bit of that sign which always signifies the closing of a chapter). Sun (first) and Juno (second) then moved into Cancer, the sign of nurturing, family and home. The Sun was illuminating the way.

So while we were consciously (Gemini) able to recognise these soul bonds with people, we were then led to really tuning into, feeling and nurturing (Cancer) these connections.

Closing a Beautiful Chapter

I even had a really big, personal Aha moment these last few days, as this Sun-Juno conjunction hit the chart that I have with one of my deep soul connections (yes, we usually have more than one).

It triggered/illuminated our destiny point (Vertex) which is equally at a 29°. Talking about mastery. Talking about changes in your trajectory. Talking about finishing a beautiful chapter.

In that sense, I feel the whole “Twin Flame wave” has come to its culmination and will die out (because it’s served its purpose).

But there was more (talking about the purpose of that wave). This conjunction coincided with some very weird supposed Schumann Frequencies that circulated on the internet and strongly looked like sacred geometry. While I’m still not sure whether those pictures were genuine, I still found it an amazing coincidence.

It felt like a recalibration of some sorts, and I had a vision of my energy field expanding and expanding until it merged with thousands of other souls spread around Mother Earth.

Igniting the Energy Grid

I felt we were getting the last, final piece in place and were finally igniting the energy grid we’d been building. And the sense of belonging was simply overwhelming. I was crying for joy.

I even felt in a strange way that “Me” no longer existed from that moment on. It was “Us” now.

Soul Love

I consider the Sun-Juno conjunction the strongest expressions of soul partners, soul family and soul love. It is when consciousness and connection meet and merge.

If you’ve connected (or reconnected) with people on a soul/heart level in the last week or so, chances are high that they’re your soul tribe. Keep working with them. Keep them in your focus. They’re an amazing resource for you.

They will also give you that taste of unity that we all so long for.

And remember: with those people – “your” people – you’ll never start from scratch. You keep building on what you’ve established, probably eons ago.

Are you interested in learning more about your soul connections? Drop me a line and book your reading today.