Uranus and Saturn

On the way to a higher order

Themes sometimes tend to emerge en masse. When they show up for the third time, it is usually time to take a closer look. One of those themes is currently Uranus and Saturn. Father and son. Rulers of the higher and lower order.

The conflict between those two planets – Saturn, the ruler of our tangible, materialistic world and Uranus, the strong willed revolutionary that points us towards the metaphysical – is already brewing for a while. While Saturn spent 2020 mostly in his strongest position, Capricorn, he moved into Aquarius in December 2020. Traditionally Saturn also “ruled” Aquarius, however he was replaced by his father Uranus after his discovery.

While in February 2021 we saw the first confrontation between Saturn and Uranus where Saturn challenged his father, we are now experiencing the opposite. This time Uranus is the provoker who kicks retrograde Saturn in the shins.

A third encounter will happen in December 2021.

Boss in the house

Uranus seems to say: “Hey son, let´s see who is the real boss in the house.” He seems determined to refresh the somewhat dusty and outdated regime of his offspring. And since he is the one looking into the future, he also asks in what kind of orders we want to live.

While Saturn represents tradition and outer power, as well as laws, rules, discipline and matter, Uranus is the quirky hippie. His ring is refreshingly aslant (and he couldn´t care less), and he doesn´t even think of stopping where our usual perception ends.

He points us to the stars, to a higher reality, invisible worlds (including electricity and technology), and instead of outer order he represents inner, renewed, self directed order.

But Saturn wasn´t Saturn if he allowed anyone to chase him that easily. After all it has been him who reigned it all until recently (Uranus has only been discovered in 1781). Why not dupe his father?

Indeed the story goes that Saturn betrayed his father. Just as he is said to have eaten his own children (Saturn = Chronos). Does it surprise that Saturn and Capricorn, his favourite place, are associated with the devil?

On the threshold

After having several clients showing significant Uranus-Saturn placements within a couple of days, I realised we are on a threshold. Again, such themes do not only show up personally. They express a collective quality.

We are in that space between our old, purely materialistic 3 D world and a new 5 D world in which more and more go through multidimensional, “unexplainable” experiences, dive into former lives, visit ancient times for ancestral healing, develop heightened intuition, energy sensitivity and more.

For Saturn, this world remains impenetrable; he has fully committed to ruling the earthly plane. Metaphysics can´t be measured. Quantum physics will probably annoy Saturn. He hates ambiguity. He is the boss of this world, and that´s his job. Saturn represents the visible. Yes and No. Below and above. Left and right. As simple as that.

Uranus, the unconventional

When Uranus turns up with his unconventional ideas and surprising twists and turns, Saturn will not always be able to follow – nor willing. He is far too slow. Saturn represents time and has also been associated with the archetype of the old man. Uranus, on the other hand, represents electricity and frequency, amongst others. Uranus is fast as lightning and can change direction in the blink of an eye.

This conflict between Saturn´s established structures and Uranus´dissolving, freeing tendencies will remain active for a while. It won´t happen until March 2023 that Saturn leaves Aquarius and moves into Pisces.

Generational conflict

Enough time to truly dive into this generational conflict. And isn´t it interesting that the father is the one who strives for renewal?

My impression is we are confronted with an invisible border. Between our well known world and a world yet-to-be-discovered. Between heteronomy and individual responsibility. Maybe this also describes the split we are currently experiencing: do we choose Saturn´s or Uranus´ way?

And yet another thought struck me: in Capricorn Saturn can be very earthy. It take roots. To not move a bit. But what is he up to in Aquarius, an air sign? I think he tries to apply his well-known strategies to our thinking. Air signs represent intellect.

Mind control? Rigid thinking? Peer pressure? All that bears Saturn´s signature. In Aquarius, he is trying to influence the masses.

Oh, and let´s not forget that Chiron, the wounded healer is orbiting between those two uneven masters. I have come to understand Chiron as a male soul wound (contrary to Lilith who represents a female wound). Maybe we need to bring in more of the wounded inner child if we truly want to integrate their lesson: the reconciliation between father and son.