About me

Sabine Besse Astro Coach


  • 5 year training in Gestalt Counselling and Gestalt Therapy (humanistic psychotherapy)
  • 1 year training in Gestalt Coaching
  • BA Social Work (Germany)
  • ongoing astrological studies since 2014
  • self healing and intuitive body work since 2015
  • Energy healing (Trance Healing, Reiki) since 2017

Born in Germany, I have lived in the UK since 2013.
I work both in English and German.


I am a Gemini through and through. As such, I am strong at communicating, analyzing and putting myself into someone´s shoes. More than anything, I am curious to learn and understand more.

With my sun is at the very beginning of the sign (on a “critical degree”) I approach everything with a pioneering, fresh view.

Above all, I consider myself a messenger.


My Libra rising adds to my relational nature. Libra is the sign of relationships, balance and justice.

I always look at both sides of the coin and have a strong interest in relationship dynamics. Particularly, I love to understand the dynamics between people, both from an elevated and a “down-to-earth” perspective.

My special interests are soul connections, spiritual aspects (soul path, mission etc.) and our inherent potential to heal.


Ruler of my chart is Venus (Master of Love), and it is positioned in my relationship house. This means, I always connect through the heart. In the last couple of years I experience this through conscious heart connections.


Right after Venus (Love) and Mercury (Communication), it is Pluto (Master of Transformation) that is the most prominent in my chart. Once my passion has been ignited, I will dig deep and go all in. I do not quit easily.

That being said, prepare for some raw (and loving) truths if you work with me.


If you are looking for some Aquarian vibe, I am right there for you. Aquarian energy leads us into the metaphysical.

My North Node (the path of my destiny) and my Mars (willpower) are both in the sign of the water bearer and make me a future oriented, innovative person.


Last but not least, my Jupiter (expansion) and Neptune (spirituality) sit on top of each other in the sign of Sagittarius. Whenever two planets meet that way, they blend into something bigger. In Sagittarius, they aim high. Sag is the archer. He loves travel, education, philosophy and visions. And so do I.

This influence has blessed me with one of my greatest strengths: I can see far, and I am good at holding space for a vision.

Curious to work with me? Drop me a message.

A very warm welcome to my site.