“Truly enlightening.”

“My astrological session with Sabine was truly enlightening. She is very talented explaining the charts in a way that helps you to understand your life path.

It was also very informative & extensive comparing my chart of when I was born to the present day showing I had completed many cycles at 29.

Towards the end of my session I started coughing & Sabine did some energy healing which enabled me to clear a blockage from a past life. I am truly grateful 💖

I would recommend Sabine to anyone wanting to gain insight & understanding of their spiritual journey.

Louise HillLouise Hill

“Magical how much we found ourselves represented in our chart.”

“Many, many thanks for your wonderful readings. It is magical how much we both found ourselves represented in our individual and particularly in our relationship chart.

You have explained everything in a very understable, loving way.

I am looking forward to further readings with you and will happily recommend you.”

Anja SchepersAnja Schepers

“This reading has given me a new outlook onto my whole being.”

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful astrological reading. This reading has covered so many aspects that I did not know myself and has given me a new outlook onto my whole being.

I am impressed by the depth of your knowledge and your accuracy. My soul path now lies outspread in front of me and I have received so much confirmation through the stars that I can now let go of my last doubts as well.

You have not only considered the constellations of planets and houses in the zodiac, but you have also included many fascinating factors I had never heard about before. Even though I do practice a bit of astrology myself, you were able to point out correlations I haven´t been aware of and that finally totally make sense.
I can recommend you wholeheartedly! Everyone who considers booking a reading should grab the opportunity to get a reading from Sabine. It is worth it!

Much love,

Kerstin WolffKerstin Wolff

“Thank you for making the start so easy!”

“Dear Sabine,

thank you with all my heart for your incredible commitment during our four week astrological course. It was brilliant!!!

You have managed to explain the basics in such a short time that I experienced many intruiging hours and insights with my chart. And the best is yet to come. As you were saying: astrology is a foreign language and I can now learn to speak it more and more fluently.

Thank you for making the start for me so easy!”

Stefanie GladbachStefanie Gladbach

“Magical accuracy”

“Thank you for the wonderful reading. You have revealed my healing spots with magical accuracy.”


A very deep reading, which perfectly balances the logic and the spiritual.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Sabine and would highly recommend anyone else to as well.

She has a way of working with the planets which I have never seen before; seeing with her own gifts and insight, how they interact with you personally. Then applying her vast knowledge and logic to talk to you about how this has manifested in your life, and how this will effect you in the future. A very deep reading, which perfectly balances the logic and the spiritual.

As a healer and teacher myself, I am very aware of who I work with; ensuring they come in on the same vibration of enabling others, collaboration and seeking joy; as well as the ability to address the difficult aspects in a positive way. Vastly enabling on my healing journey, her help has allowed me to plan around some areas of my life and career, and relax about others, knowing it isn’t the right time. Which has allowed my life to feel much freer and easy, my connection with her changing my life for the better.

I will definitely work with her again, and will seek her guidance in learning the craft for myself.

Rachael Setford-BerryRachael Setford-Berry

“I am so very grateful for this information.”

“Sabine did two amazing couples readings: A reading for my husband and me. And one for a former relationship with a soul mate. As I’m sharing with both a very deep and spiritual connection the questions were about signs and proofs in our charts that these two relationships are connected to our soul journey and our true purpose in this life time.

Sabine is very well versed in the science of astrology. Her clarity and intuition is amazing. Within the first minutes she already revealed some completely surprising and breathtaking synchronies. She not only gave us an insightful guidance for our life, she also revealed a lot of deep truth regarding our past, future, destiny and soul journey. I am so very grateful for this information that made me cry tears of deep inner peace and relief. I can highly recommend her readings.”

Nadja WagnerNadja Wagner

“Thank you for this unbelievably magical experience.”

“I have always been convinced that astrology is not for me. It seemed too rational, with many rules and restrictions and very complex. I am more of the intuitive type. However, there was a certain fascination. On my own, I would certainly not have taken this hurdle.

But then Sabine approached me and suggested to offer a basic astrology course in my with group. Of course I said yes right away.

With a lot of passion and knowledge, Sabine held several lectures in the group which always ended with small pieces of homework. We were able to ask questions about our charts all the time, and Sabine has given us many helpful tips.

Not even two weeks into the lectures and I am completely hooked by astrology. Far from dry theory. Sabine works so wonderfully intuitive based on her knowledge and her personal experience.

She suggested tapping into the energy of the planets, to look at them as archetypes. Same with the zodiac signs. She had me totally hooked when she described the zodiac as an analogy to the life cycle. As a witch I completely feel at home there.

And so, encouraged by Sabine´s invitation to look at things playfully and with the help of our intuition, I found myself on the floor on the living room positioning my natal chart with crystals in a big circle.

As I went from house to house, tuned into the planets and different life topics, I gained so many fascinating insights.

Contrary to other readings where I receive the interpretion of another person I was right in the middle. Of course, after such a short time I always had Sabine´s wonderful presentation slides at hand. I was still far from knowing the meaning of the houses, planets and signs by heart. But after this rough orientation my chart started to speak to me intuitively.

For example, I was able to feel that my Chiron wound is healed. That I have mastered this life challenge already. In another house I felt the intense energy of three planets that were located there, and I could feel that they want to bring me forward but can´t so far. There is a still block that needs release before the energy can flow freely. How intruiging!

Thank you, Sabine, for this unbelievably magical experience.”

Ilka Sventja JörgIlka Sventja Jörg